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Army Pay Scale: Welcome

The US Military offers a very conducive army pay scale. There are other benefits that include enlistment bonuses, housing allowances, retirement pays, tax redemptions and travel discounts.

The officers are also paid the “hazardous duty incentive pay” which entitles them a special pay of $150 for performing hazardous military duties as a part of the army pay. Also, that under the FY 2005 Military Authorization Act and FY 2005 Military Appropriations Act, it is expected that the year 2006 will bring a basic military pay hike by 3.1 per cent.

The US Army follows a strict regime and has one of the levels of its influence in the recent past. Their disciplined life and high standards of living are world famous. The US Army offers facilities and privileges for its officers; from housing, health, education, travel and other concessions. Besides, being a part of the US Army is an honor in itself, and so resembles the army pay offered to these officers.

There are various army recruiters that help many people to find a suitable job in the U.S. Army. Programs like the Corporal Recruiting Program help many people to achieve the heights they want to achieve. As an army recruiter, the Corporal Recruiter Program that began in 1999 has allowed more than 300 specialists to serve one-year recruiting tours. The program’s goal is to bring the young and spirited soldiers together.

Besides army bases location other internal details are highly confidential and is only available to higher designated people. But, the locations of the army bases can be found online at the army websites, although there too are some reserved portions, but general information is not too difficult to be found.

The keystone of the professional development of all the US Army Reserve Component Officers is the OPMS i.e. Officer Personnel Management System. Its function is to develop the officers and imbibe in them the right amount of skills required by throughout the Department of Defense.
Accordingly, OPMS is divided into two subprograms for Army Reserve Component implementation purposes being OPMS-ARNG and OPMS-USAR.


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